Professional plastic artist, painter, Zamfir Dumitrescu graduated the Institute of Plastic Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” in Bucharest, Romania, 1970 graduate, class of master Corneliu Baba.

After completion of his studies of art, is devoted to painting, but in parallel, working in Higher Education of Art:

  • Between 1970-1978 as assistant professor, at the Department 'Technical Theoretical' Institute of Plastic Arts 'Nicolae Grigorescu' in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Since 1978 he is university lecturer (1978-1991), lecturer (1993-1994) and professor (1994-2000) at The National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania.

  • In 2000 he obtained the title of Doctor in Arts - Visual Arts, pleading, under the direction of Professor Doctor George Achitei, the doctoral thesis “ARS PERSPECTIVAE”'.

  • He was elected in the position of Dean of the Faculty of Plastic Arts of the National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania, for the period 2000-2004.

  • He continues to the present his activity of university professor doctor at the National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania, being the holder of the courses “Artistic perspective”, “Geometrical Composition”, “Anamorphosis”, “Compared Perspective”, “Axonometry”.

Since 2000, he coordinates many doctoral theses, which were completed:

    • The Artist – Cultural Model. Influences and effects sustained by the postgraduate Mirela Dauceanu in 2012;

    • Aspects of communication in the contemporary visual arts. (Representation, Performance and Social influence) sustained by the postgraduate Simona Steliana Tanasescu in 2012;

    • From craftsman to artist sustained by the postgraduate Mihai Tomsaneanu in 2011;

    • The composition in symmetry axis sustained by the postgraduate Dana Paneghiant in 2011;

    • Faces of the visual image. Figurativ image in the visual arts. Some methods and technical tool that have contributed to the evolution of the reprezentation of reality sustained by the the postgraduate Carmen Apetrei in 2010;

    • Spatial structures in bizantine incon sustained by the postgraduate Ionut Popa in 2009;

    • The geometrico-plastical structures and the process of human comunication sustained by the postgraduate Corina Petrinia Breteanu in 2008;

    • Aspects of Sculptural object in post-war period sustained by the postgraduate Mihai Rusen in 2008;

    • Elements of plastic expressiveness of the self-portrait in the European painting of the XIX, XX centuries, sustained by the postgraduate Luminita Gliga in 2008;

    • Drawing the letter between the force and virtuosity, sustained by the postgraduate Gheorghe Coclitu in 2007;

    • The concept of double sustained by the postgraduate Nadia Ioan Faciu in 2007;

    • Painting on glass alternative technique of painting on easel or Painting on glass from naive to Byzantine sustained by the postgraduate Ion Lazar in 2006;

    • Identity, individuality- feminist approaches in Romanian art 1970-2000, sustained by the postgraduate Roxana Maria Trestioreanu in 2006;

    • About Black sustained by the postgraduate Petru Lucaci in 2006;

    • The concept of shape in the modern sculpture, sustained by the postgraduate Constantin Dinu Radulescu in 2004;

    • Elements of archaeology in Contemporary Art sustained by the postgraduate Gheorghe Anghel in 2004.

The painter Zamfir Dumitrescu dedicates a part of his time for socio-cultural projects, which he initiated after 2004, the year when he is elected deputy of the Romanian Parliament for a term of four years, 2004-2008.

He is the initiator in the Romanian Parliament of the Law no. 8 / 2006 regarding the granting of a compensation for the pensioners of the public pension system, members of unions of creators legally constituted as public persons of public utility. CDEP

As an independent deputy of the Romanian Parliament, since 2005 he is the President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Australia, Member of the Commission for Culture, Art and means of Mass Communication of the Chamber of Deputies, Member the Parliamentary Friendship Groups with the Republic of Peru and the Republic of Finland.

As Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Australia he acts for strengthening the relations of cooperation between Romania and Australia. Thus, in March 2007 he participated in Tasmania at the 'John Glover Prize' with his artwork, 'T from Tasmania', being selected in the final. On this occasion the Romanian Embassy in Canberra held a meeting with Mr. Dick Adams, vice-president of the Australia-Romania friendship of the Australian Federal Parliament, and in the meeting he has expressed an interest to include Romania in the program of the future European tour, which may take place at the earliest in 2008.

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