The event "Notebooks of artistic perspective, volume I" consisted in launching the book with the same title and Graphic Compositions EXHIBITION based on images, drawings and geometric trame from the work of the University Professor Doctor Zamfir Dumitrescu, Notebooks of artistic perspectives, volume I. The compositions were taken by the drawers Carmen Apetrei and Ovidiu Croitoru. The book was published in Print Media Publishing House in November.

The presentation of the paper was made by the architect Emil Barbu Popescu, rector of the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", who appreciated the study of the Professor Zamfir Dumitrescu as a learning material at the border between manual and the critical essay.

In his LAUDATIO, the art critic Paval Susara said that a possible summary of this work could be expressed so "painting is geometry - a metaphor of the world as possible. The whole world is geometry. At first it was geometry, meaning the point, the line, everything".

Present at the event, the President of Romania, Mr. Ion Iliescu appreciated the important work for generations of students for Romanian culture and also the creation of the painter Zamfir Dumitrescu.
In his word the PhD. Dr. Doctor Zamfir Dumitrescu presented succinctly how this work was born, gratifying for the warm feedback of those who took the floor and the public.

Plastic artists, students, architects, cultural personalities of Romanian life were present at the event, along with journalists, reporters from television and other media representatives. There could be mentioned among many others, Mrs. Ecaterina Andronescu, rector at the Bucharest Polytechnic University, Minister of Education and Research, Dinu Sararu writer, director of the National Theater in Bucharest "I.L. Caragiale", the painters Vladimir Zamfirescu, Wanda Sachelarie Vladimirescu, the sculptors Horea Flamand, Mihai Marcu.

The event ended with a cocktail during which those present got the book with the painter’s autograph.
12 March 2004
Event's Location
Bucharest, "APOLLO" Gallery, no. 2 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd, National Theatre in Bucharest ground floor, Romania
The Romanian Fine Arts Union
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