The event "ARS PERSPECTIVAE" consisted in launching the book with the same title and the EXHIBITION of compositions based on images, drawings and geometric trame work of Prof. PhD. Zamfir Dumitrescu ARS PERSPECTIVAE. The compositions were created by the drawers Carmen Apetrei and Ovidiu Croitoru.

Presenting the paper was made by the academician Razvan Theodorescu, who drew attention to the value of it and announced that he will propose the book "ARS PERSPECTIVAE" for Prize of the Romanian Academy.
Present at the event, the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Adrian Nastase and the President of Romania, Mr. Ion Iliescu appreciated the work of the painter, but also the importance of the work "ARS PERSPECTIVAE". In his speech, the author presented succinctly how the book was born, thanked the speakers for their words of appreciation, and all those present for the interest showed to the event.

The event attracted a numerous public, plastic artists, students, collectors, teachers, architects and other cultural personalities. There have been present televisions, journalists, reporters. The author gave interviews and provided copies of the book for some of his guests. Worth mentioned, among many others, the presence of the sculptor Paul Vasilescu, of the art historian George Fanel Radu Bogdan, of the drawers Nicolae Aurel Alexi, of the painters Sorin Ilfoveanu and Stefan Caltia, as well as of the actor Florin Zamfirescu.

The event ended with a cocktail.
11 April 2003
Event's Location
Bucharest, "APOLLO" Gallery, no. 2 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd, at the National Theatre from Bucharest ground floor
Romanian Fine Arts Union and Nemira Publishing House
Media Coverage
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